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Updated Sunday February 18, 2018 by Lauren Hyde.

The 2017 season has come to an end but we are already working on making the 2018 season even better than before.  Our Board will have on-going meetings throughout the year to get families who are entering the football leage for the first time the information that they need to understand how the league works and what we need from parents and players.  We are excited to welcome back our players from the 2017 season next year.

Some important information to know:

The 2017 season allowed players age 6 - 14 the opportunity to play football on a team that teaches the game in a way that is safe for our players.  We take the league very seriously and are commited to making sure that each and every player is protected by the league provided gear and by the coaching staff.

The 2017 season regstration fee was $110.  The 2018 fee will likely be similar but for the first time in 2018 we will be offering payment plans and are exploring the ability to provide scholarships to those in need.

The 2017 season schedule had practices Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with games on Sunday.  Although this is a big commitment for a youth football league, the conditioning and skills practices are critical for players to know the game rules and plays so they can be an effective member of the team.  Your player will gain confidence knowing that they are part of a team and the benefits that you will see in your child will be worth the time commitment for you and for them.  We strive to make the league one big extended family and hope that you will join us.

Join us for our free Skills and Drills camp on 6/30/18 and 7/28/18 where your player can meet the past players and coaches and try out our league for the day.  

The 2018 practices will start at the beginning of August 2018.

If you have any questions regarding the 2018 season please contact league President Kris Laine at 860-671-9632.